Tuesday, 1 November 2011

We have now completed our first and second knap sessions so its time to update the blog.

Up until last week the group was going through the immense process of getting our new knapping area stocked and ready to go, culminating in our first proper session. Formally it was an attempt for those that have knapped before to dust off the cobwebs and a basic introductory session for those that havent. In reality however it was just good fun and a excellent stress reliever!

Our efficiently organised supplies... or at least they were.

We were working with last years debitage and the few surviving nodules that had made made it through the year intact. We are due to source a new supply of better quality flint soon so we were really just using up whatever we had left and generally pulverising it as we got to grips with the technique again.

As these were just simple starter sessions there is no real progress to be reported yet. Although it must be said that our newest members have caught the knapping bug and are equally picking up the skill with alarming speed.

Though accidents do happen...

Injured in the pursuit of stone tool greatness

That is all for now. We will hopefully have some photos and youtube videos to come soon as well but to keep on top of what we're up to please pop on over to our facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/UCDStonework.

Til next week!

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